Why build a new site…

You may ask… “I already have a website, can’t you just manage that?” or “Why build a new site?”

Good questions…yes, we absolutely have to build a new site!

Unfortunately, we cannot manage someone else’s work. We have no control over or knowledge of how your original site was created, whether it has hidden malware, how it was optimized, or if images and text were legally acquired; therefore, we cannot guarantee its integrity or base our management off of that unknown.

This is why we do not charge for the initial website development… you are not forced to buy the site; instead, like a vehicle lease, you can benefit from the use as long as you want to without a huge upfront charge. Each website is created from scratch to ensure proper security, malware free, integrate SEO, and current features and functionality (it does not do us any good to try to clean up someone else’s work).

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