$1,200.00 / month

The SOCIAL media management program offers full-service management of social media platforms; including, content creation, interactive engagement, follower growth, influencer outreach, and more. Every aspect of the SOCIAL program is strategically created with purpose to save you time, optimize your digital presence, increase your brand, and reach your target clientele.

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SOCIAL Media Management – Program Components


Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  LinkedIn

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Social Media Account Creation
Detailed creation of business social media accounts within each of the platforms to maximize exposure.

Targeted Research
We actively research your individual practice, primary area of focus, and services included within that focus to maximize your digital presence and potential market reach.

Company Details
We edit and add a company impressium, management details, service descriptions, and more to each of the social media platforms. We can update these as needed throughout the life of the management program.

Custom Graphics
We create custom graphics and social media ready logos, as necessary, for each of the social media platforms. Please note: if your existing logo is not social media ready or meets the specific requirements of each platform, then we will create appropriate logos as close to your existing as possible while still meeting individual platform requirements.

Targeted Market Outreach
We will continue to research changes in the market while actively targeting, communicating with, and connecting to individuals in your target market.

Influencer Outreach
We will actively research and target influencers within your target market and field whose online influence will help to expand your market reach.

Quality Content – 32 Posts
Each month, we will research, create, and post no less than 32 posts with quality, informative, and clever content across the social media platforms throughout the month. This content includes custom posts and strategic re-posts of articles, blurbs, interest generating graphics, and licensed images to encourage social community interaction and growth.

Ad Campaigns – 1 Campaign
Each month, we will research, create, and pay for 1 social media ad campaign. This ad campaign will be intentionally created and marketed to increase brand exposure and social reach within your target market.

We will interact and communicate with targeted influencers and followers to encourage brand recognition, community impact, and increased market reach.

Monthly Reporting
Each month, we will provide a status report that includes the activity, communications, and growth within each social media platform.